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Utah's Premier Indoor Range

We spared no expense with our range and went above and beyond what was necessary to create the finest shooting ranges in the Western United States. Our range was built by Action Target who builds ranges throughout the world. The TC gen-4 bullet trap can stop a .50 BMG (no shooting of armor piercing ammo allowed). Ventilation is tip top and not only meets but exceeds all EPA/OSHA guidelines for air quality in an indoor range. We spent an additional 100K on sound control for a comfortable and safe experience at "Get Some".

**Minumum age to enter range
is 8 years old with parental supervision.**


Range Fees

Pistol or Rifle $12.00 - Shared $19.00

(Shared Lane is 2 Shooters)

3rd Shooter - $5.00 (must use same lane)

Shotgun Shooters - $3.00 additional charge

Observation Pass $3.00 - May not cross blue line.
Maximum of three shooters per lane.

All range fees include:

5 targets per shooter

Eye and Ear Protection


Range Length

25 Yards

Rental Fees


Machine Guns rented by magazine/belt

**Machine Gun Discount Packages Available**

HK MP5 9mm - $18

HK UMP 40SW - $21

UZI 9mm - $18

MAC 11 9mm - $18

FN P90 5.7 x 28 - $32

AK-47 7.62 x 39 - $27

Ruger AAC .223 - $21

M16/M4 .223 - $27

FN249 SAW .223 (Belt Fed)- $60

RPD 7.62 x 39 (Belt Fed) $60 per belt

M60 .308 (Belt Fed) - $70

Over 75 pistols, rifles & shotguns available for rent.

(Ammo not included)

Single Gun Rental - $15

Unlimited Gun Rental - $25

Unlimited Rental includes rifles and pistols and is charged per lane, not per shooter.


Single Shot Rifle Rentals

.50 BMG - $12 

(Murray & Orem Locations Only)


Must use our ammo on all rentals.


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